Crafting a meaningful identity for a bespoke jewellery brand

Crafting a meaningful identity for a bespoke jewellery brand

Pehr is a silver Jewelery brand born out of the bylanes of Kolkata. As the art of silversmiths in India dwindled in the COVID 19 pandemic, the team at Pehr thought to revive it by infusing crafting silver with a fresh breath of design inspired by global sensibilities. Taking our cue from its mixed heritage, we designed a thoughtful, enchanting and deeply layered brand that captures the essence of silver.

The logo is thin strokes in silver, that form the outline of the sun and moon merging, accompanied by a minimal font for the word ‘Pehr’ conveys the essential meaning of the word Pehr – phases in the everyday caused by this very rotation of the celestial objects. The tagline ‘adorning time’ is a nod to the versatile pieces that can be adorned at diverse moments in one’s life and provides for an evergreen quality to the Jewelery pieces.

The palette , a midnight blue and lilac, extends the day & night/shadow & light imagery simultaneously  evoking  the boldness of the collections with the coolness of the silver.

Keeping in mind that the brand was to have a life online initially for a few years, we wanted to achieve a highly engaging & evocative experience when naming the Jewelery pieces. These names revolved around myths, celestial phenomenon and seasons spanning different time zones so that it would resonate with a global audience. Each piece of Jewelery comes along with a description that weaves a story around its inspiration and make, lending the mood easily to its wearer.

The thoughtfully curated packaging with velvet pouches for the Jewelery fitted in a box is accompanied by an envelope with care instructions , thank you note & Pehr’s story allows the customer to feel the care & consideration that the brand values where building a relationship with its customer is concerned. 

Through a sharp & minimal identity Pehr draws in the customers with its cosmopolitan appeal in design that draws wisdom  from the age- old tradition of crafting silver in India.

As part of our commission we worked on:  visual identity, Brand language , social media templates, look books, packaging design, digital ads

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