Delivering quick branding for a Concept Quick Service Retail (QSR) in Chandigarh

Delivering quick branding for a Concept Quick Service Retail (QSR) in Chandigarh

Pizoni is a quick service retail that serves a freshly conceptualized product; the Pizoni , operating out of Chandigarh (City in Northern India). In the shape of a triangular pocket filled with an eclectic mixed bag of ingredients, each pocket has been curated by a chef that specializes gourmet food. Inspired by travels across the globe, it was our challenge to fulfil a pilot’s passion project and bring to the street-food vocabulary of his hometown the impressions of the Mediterranean in an already saturated market of takeaway food.

Where better than to directly delve into the smells, sounds and scenery of the Mediterranean than Italy. As we took a walk through the streets of Italy, France, Greece we started to put the picture together. As far as first impressions go with QSR and Europe, it was soon clear to use a palette that would invoke the mango hues with the pop of teal colored windows inscribed by tall fonts that greet every nook and cranny of Southern Europe. 

The flat lettering of the deco was given depth with a teal shadow and 3D typeface that would make its application on the digital more exciting. This identity resonated with the quirkiness and eclectic nature of the product through the use of 70s-80s European retro aesthetic that spouts youthfulness through its vibrance and pop.

We broke up the word ‘Pizoni’ to highlight the ‘zo’ , that sits bigger than ‘pi’ and ‘ni’ to bring visual emphasis on the hero product available at Pizoni. 

We identified that the main touchpoints of the brand would be takeaway packaging, social media & digital marketing. These touchpoints that would cater to a younger audience( considering the nature of the product) for which we developed direct, youthful & friendly phrases. We put together a directory of phrases for different use cases; like merchandise, staff uniform, packaging, marketing and social media that could be pulled out for future campaigns. Helping with brand recall, the phrases are short puns around the word ‘Zo’, their hero product. Some of these phrases are “Grab yo Zo” , “3,2, 1 Zo” , “Zo Good” , “Zo pro

With a youthful vocabulary and a mature facade , pizoni has the vitality of a globetrotter who has a storehouse of unique stories to offer, through its recipes, each time one comes across it on the go.   

As part of our commission we worked on:  visual identity, Brand language , social media templates, marketing & communication strategy

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